Yazd nutrition survey (YNS), known as TAMYZ in Persian (Taghzieh Mardom-e-Yazd), is an ongoing population based cross-sectional study trying to assess the dietary food and supplement intake of people residing in Yazd city, central Iran. In contrast to dietary intake of people residing in western countries and other parts of Iran, it seems that Yazdi people have distinct dietary behaviors like eating more simple sugars, refined grains and saturated fats. Therefore, YNS tries to assess the dietary food intakes of Yazdi people through a validated 178 item food frequency questionnaire (FFQ). This might help researchers to better understand the adverse dietary behaviors and food intakes based on age groups and socio-economic status, etc. to treat them through designing community based interventions.

All 10,000 participants of Yazd Health Study (YaHS) are included in YNS. Therefore it provides a good source of data to explore diet-disease associations and the relationship between nutritional factors and several health conditions including chronic diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome (MetS), diabetes mellitus (DM), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and different types of cancers. YNS database is linked to YaHS database.

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