Yazd Biobank (Zist-Bank Yazd-ZIBA)

Yazd Biobank has been established in 2013 in order to form the first comprehensive biobank of Yazd Greater Area which is located in the centre of Iran. With over 40% of consanguinity, Yazd has one of the hishest inbreeding rate in Iran. This makes the biobank ideal for various genetics and genetic epidemiology research. 


The biobank consists of various biological materials of each participants including serum, buffy coat, saliva, urine, hair and nail. It is one of the most comprehensive biobank of its kind in the country and in the Middle East.


Yazd Bio Bank is a member of various international consortia and considers research proposals from scholars from all over the world. Proposals will be considered by the chief investigators' committee and bio materials will be provided to successful applicants subject to ethical application and approval.

So far, two Ph.D. students have been working on ZIBA bio-samples for their theses. Should you have any burning idea, please contact us.

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